Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @ Cinémathèque, Paris July 27 2011

Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @ Cinémathèque
Paris July 27 2011

"Paths of Glory", costumes for "Spartacus"

Last week for the Stanley Kubrick exhibition @ Cinémathèque next to Bercy Arena, it's closing on July 31.
If you like Kubrick's movies , it's a MUST SEE.
Lots of Pics of his career, posters , paper work, costumes, memorabilia 95% of them originals some reproduction.
"Lolita" "Dr Strangelove" & "2001..."

Everything from the beginning of his career as a photographer for Look Mag, some of his early documentaries, his first movies to the big time with Paths of Glory... to what he couldn't do : Napoleon, Aryan Papers & AI Intelligence Artificial.

"2001..." :academy award for special effects (far right)

The biggest room is the one dedicated to "2001..." with lots of drawings, Pics, costumes, slides for special effects...
"2001..." & "Clockwork Orange"
"Barry Lyndon" & "Shining"

Smaller rooms ( too small for me) for "Full Metal Jacket" & Eyes wide shut" on the second level
There's also a corridor filled with flight-cases, cameras & lenses.
Small rooms for unrealized projects.
"Full Metal Jacket"

"Eyes Wide Shut" & Audrey Hepburn's letter turning down Josephine for" Napoleon"

cop car on Ile St Louis

Now ROCKERPARIS is enjoying some well deserved holidays