mardi 19 juillet 2011

Black Country Communion @ Bataclan, Paris July 19 2011

Black Country Communion @ Bataclan
Paris, July 19 2011

Supergroup Black Country Communion featuring Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), Joe Bonamassa (Guitars & Vocals), Derek Sherinian (Keyboards) & Jason Bonham (Drums) is playing the Bataclan Théatre in Paris.
Strangely enough it's not sold-out, the balcony is closed and the pit is far from being full, no more than 800 people tonight.
Hard to believe as Joe Bonamassa played on his own a sold-out Olympia just 2 months ago.
I have to say that this concert is the last "Big gig" before the holidays in a series of more than 20 important gigs for June and early July ( check our previous pages, it's been mad ).
Anyway Rockerparis is still in Paris rocking its heart out on rock'n roll.
We're huge fan of Deep Purple so we couldn't miss the first gig of Glenn Hughes in Paris for almost 15 years ( Last one was at the Locomotive -check video- in Nov 1995).
(CORRECTION : He played again @ Locomotive club with Uli Jon Roth on May 29 2001)
Last time we saw Jason Bonham was at the o2 in London with Led Zeppelin, we probably saw Derek many years ago touring with Alice Cooper and it's our first with Joe Bonamassa. We heard some rave reviews about his show @ Olympia.
The band opened the show with the first song from the first album, Derek is on the far left and will be mostly in the dark for most of the gig. Glenn is on the left, Jason behind his drumkit of course and Joe on the far right a bit in the back.
The sound is heavy with lots of guitars and bass but we couldn't hear that much the keyboards and Glenn Vocals from where we were standing: first row.Maybe the sound was better behind us.

Lots of great guitar licks by Joe Bonamassa but we already know the guy's a master on guitar.
Glenn is making the show running from one side of the stage to the other, doing so funny faces, he's the rockstar, he even have his wardrobe on the side of the stage with a roadie ready for clothes change just in case .
Maybe he's over acting to get the attention specially when Joe is doing his soli.
Joe is the opposite: very calm and relax, he's doing his thing , focusing on his (perfect) guitar playing.
They didn't play that many songs but many of them are clocking at more than 6-7 or even 8 minutes.

Glenn is doing almost all the lead vocals, Joe sang a couple.
They have two records out, The music is a mix between Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, last song for tonight is "Burn" by Deep Purple (here on video).
It was a show not to be missed as I don't think it will be a long term collaboration as each musician has his own career specially Joe Bonamassa who's very successful on his own.
Great 1h40 min show.

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