dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Megadeth @ "Big 4" Sonisphere France, Amnéville July 09 2011

Megadeth @ "Big 4" Sonisphere France
Amnéville, July 09 2011

After a painful show by Slayer, they were great but it was way too loud.
Megadeth is a relief, the sound is not too loud and absolutely perfect.
A pleasure in these conditions.
We're lucky to be part of the happy few in the the "Golden pit". There's room and we can move from front to back or from side to side.
SETLIST: 1) Trust 2) In my Darkest hour 3) Wake up dead 4) Hangar 18 5) Poison was the cure 6) Sweating bullets 7)Public Enemy n°1 (new song) 8) Head Crusher 9) A tout le monde 10) Symphony of destruction 11) Peace sells 12) Holy Wars
As you can see the band is not taking any risks, lots of classics and a couple of more recent songs.
Why opening the gig with "Trust" ? It's still a mistery to me.
Once again Megadeth played a fantastic set, remember when they stole the show to Judas Priest a couple of years ago @ Zénith in Paris.
"Poison was the cure + Sweating Bullets":