jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Christophe @ Festival Fnac Live @ Parvis Hotel de Ville, Paris July 22 2011

CHRISTOPHE @ Festival Fnac Live , Parvis Hotel de Ville
Paris July 22 2011

Too busy to check the other bands on the bill for this free show in front of the Hotel de Ville in the heart of Paris.
French singer Christophe is headlining, we arrived a couple of minutes after the end of the previous band's set and all youngsters are leaving.
Christophe is getting on stage just before 11:00pm with a piano player on his right and a guitar player on his left who's also in charge of keys & electronic effects.
Well when he's not playing his hits , he had a few many years ago, this pop-rock-electro music is ... boring to death.
Curfew at midnight, very average show.