vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Jeff Beck @ Grand Rex, Paris July 1st 2011

Jeff Beck @ Grand Rex, Paris July 1st 2011

Back at the beautiful Grand Rex for another rock show.
4th gig in 4 days in this theatre, After Brian Setzer, Gregg Allman & BB King it's time to see guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck. Our first time for Rockerparis.
Can you believe it ? after more than 20 years of rocking for some of us , this is the first time that we're gonne see Jeff Beck.

For this kind of gig : all instrumental , or you hate it and think it's boring to death or you think it's absolutely Fantastic from start to finish.
Well, What's for sure is that he's probably the most talented guitar player we've ever seen live.
Then there are the songs : you may like some of them, love others ( Fantastic version of The Beatles' " A day in a life" here on video) or find some songs a bit too jazz-rock (meaning boring).

There's a bit of everything, most of it being great, I have to say.
But whatever the song the guitar playing is STUNNING.

We stayed with some friends outside, talking in front of the venue and to avoid fans waiting for him at the backstage entrance , he left the concert hall by the main door surrounded by 4 security guys, Hidden underneath a hood, What an asshole.

setlist & Merchandising

Good Bye Paris

"A day in a Life":