Sunday, December 19, 2010

Airbourne @ Trabendo, Paris for OUI FM radio, Dec 18 2010

Airbourne @ Trabendo Paris for Oui Fm "Bring the Noise" radio show
Dec 18 2010
Last in a serie of 3 gigs @ Trabendo club in Paris France for OUI FM radio show " Bring the Noise". It's a free show for competition winners and guests.
Airbourne played the nearby Zénith (6500 capacity) last year, tonight for this "secret" radio show @ Trabendo (500 capacity) it's far from being full, we had a snow storm around 5:00PM ( in fact it's only a bit of snow, no more than 3 cms) but you can't drive into Paris and trains are NOT working.
What the FUCK is that country that's paralyzed for 1 inch of snow ?!? Can you tell me ???

JD, Wine, Beer... and lots of water too !

The band was very late as they took the stage at 10:00 PM.
Man, These guys are crazy it was non-stop pure rock'n roll for 90 min, hard to believe how they can do this. No need to tell you than the pit is like the city of berlin in 1945... a massacre.
Fortunately the singer-guitar player is providing the booze, but he kept the JD for him.

More beer...

They're Australian and you can hear it , they're a heavier version of AC/DC even though songs tend to sound a bit the same.

LET'S FUCKIN' ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These guys are giving it all on stage !
Perfect gig for a saturday night and i'm sure the band had a good time afterwards as there were lots of groupies waiting by the backstage door.

Eye to eye !
Status Quo is in da house (left) setlist (far right)

In Your Face !