Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best shows of 2010 Part 3 with Stevie Wonder, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Suzanne Vega, Air

Best of concerts Part 3
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Stevie Wonder @ Paris Bercy. Lots of "smashing" songs for this Motown legend. Some parts were a bit average when he played his mid-80's & 90's songs but we had Prince & Sheila E as special guests on "Superstition". That was breathtaking (Check our video on link above)

Deep Purple @ Zénith (Part 2) Full House for these English veterans and no new album to promote, a Best of... setlist with a couple of rare tracks. Hard to believe they are still so popular. Everywhere they've played in France ( a dozen shows) it was packed.

Steve Miller Band @ Zénith, first gig in Paris for probably 20 years and first time we were seeing him LIVE, So many fantastic songs. Hard to believe that the Zénith was 3/4 empty, great show and we met him afterwards , the guy is SO nice. Hope he will be back in Paris soon.

Suzanne Vega @ Théatre Marigny, once again Suzanne proved that you have perfect songs you don't need a whole band to play them, she just came with Gerry Leonard on guitar nad the show was perfect. Check her cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Bonny & Clyde".
AIR @ Cité de la Musique performing "The Virgin Suicides" soundtrack with The Hot Rats, This record is one of my alltime favourite so seeing AIR performing it in its entirety was a dream come true.

The Best is yet to come with Guns N Roses @ L'Arc Club + Prince @ New Morning and some more great shows including The Hellfest... so stay tuneD to ROCKERPARIS;