Saturday, December 18, 2010

-M- Matthieu Chedid @ Paris Bercy 3 Dec 17 2010 + The GOASTT Feat. Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl

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+ The Goastt + Johnny Hallyday
@ Paris Bercy Dec 17 2010

First on stage for the last time on this tour, Yes that's the end of the Tour for Matthieu, The Goastt is playing the same set as the previous day, a 5-6 songs set ending with Serge Gainsbourg's "Comic strip".
I love The Goastt when they're playing electric, maybe Sean should not apologise every two minutes for being here.

Cool !
Then it's time for -M- to take the stage in front of a full house and the show is broadcasted LIVE in its entirety (2h30) on a French tv channel.
Same show as yesterday and the previous day, some good parts when he's playing his songs and some less interesting parts when he's playing with the audience (people are loving it but we don't, yes I know we're boring old farts), he's asking for complete silence, then asking for people to do gym, then for everybody to sit down, including the standing pit and so on...Boring.

Lots of musicians , dancers... on stage, lots of guitars too as he's a great guitar player.
As you can see on Pics he's running around Bercy on his own saying hello to fans even at the very back of the venue. He's also playing a few songs on the catwalk

The Goastt are back on stage with him for a couple of songs and French Elvis Johnny Hallyday is doing a duet to rousing applauses (here on video).

He's getting lots of people on stage for a song many of them are relatives including lots of kids from the entourage.

Good show and this time we are, including our photographer Patrice Guino, in the vip stalls, always nice to have a different view from gigs to gigs.
It's also a nice way to relax.
It was our 208th concert this year

-M- with Johnny Hallyday:

We should go tomorrow @ Trabendo to see heavy rockers AIRBOURNE and maybe to Lady Gaga @ Bercy the next days, yes the music is crap but we've been told that the show was stunning.