mercredi 22 décembre 2010

Lady Gaga @ Paris Bercy Dec 21 2010 Last show on "The Monster Ball Tour" for 2010

Lady Gaga @ Paris Bercy Dec 21 2010

Last show for ROCKERPARIS for 2010 our 211th, Yes 211 show.
Can't say that this one rock.
In fact after Britney Spears (check our review) it was the biggest piece of shit we've seen... or heard properly speaking.

NOT one good song for the WHOLE show, she's been called the New Madonna , she's nowhere near Madonna.
Madonna (check our review of the Stade de France 2008 show with great pics from Patrice) has the songs and even if don't own any of her records you know 2/3 of the songs as they're played all the time on radios.
I've heard that Lady Gaga's shows were stunning, well not really true, there' are lots of things going on on the stage, lots of dancers, lots of different dresses (some of them ridiculous),different themes all along this show : a massive production but far from being as good as Madonna.
Ok she's really singing LIVE : she has a great voice and is making a point of telling the whole world about it ( "No Lip-Synch here !" ) which Madonna doesn't do and when she does, she's flat.
Great voice when she's on her own on the piano , too bad when the whole band is playing her voice is drowned in too many backing vocals.

Lots of talking between songs to thank her fans and even in the middle of songs which is a bit annoying specially when she's singing quiet songs on the piano.
She's acting a bit weird as if she was high on something.

silly outfit

Lots of young kids in the audience ( 10 years old).
even signing stuff from fans on stage

The music might be complete crap but the show is entertaining !

on the "catwalk"

everybody Say "YEAH !!!

Even the Fountain nearby my "castle" has been Lady Gagazed.

ROCKERPARIS is on holiday tonight but we'll keep you inform with news.

In a few days the BEST and WORST shows of 2010