Monday, December 27, 2010

Best shows of 2010 Part 4 with Guns N Roses , Prince, KISS, AC/DC, CSN...

Best of Gigs 2010 Part 3
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Our BEST show for 2010 was GUNS N FUCKIN' ROSES @ L'Arc Club (Part 2) in Paris, not only it was a great show, it was also very exclusive only 200-300 people but conditions were perfect : 1st row in front of Axl , great setlist, Axl was having a lot of fun and something that would have been unbelievable a few years ago, everybody... I mean EVERYBODY was taking pictures in front of him ( including Patrice Guino our photographer) he didn't say a word, he even did a few jokes. Seeing Guns N Roses in a club was a dream come true.
The show in Lille a few days later was also great. Check our Pics from Paris @ Bercy (Part 2, Part 3 )

Prince @ Grand Palais last year(left) Le Parisien newspaper cover(center) GUNS @ Lille (right)

Prince @ New Morning was also a dream come true, it wasn't our favorite Prince show (La Cigale last year was better) but getting into the tiny New Morning to see Prince was an Experience.Almost 5 hours for this gig, my longest ever beating the likes of The Cure & Bruce Springsteen and First time ever I was getting out of a concert at past 6:00 AM with the sun shining as if it was 3:00PM ( sorry no Pics for this one LOL)
We spent a fantastic 2 days @ Hellfest ( We were @ Ac/DC @ SdF the first day). We didn't see many bands, only a handful but we had a great time. Once again conditions were top,The weather was sunny but not too hot, we saw Mondo Generator, Motorhead & Slash ON the stage as we had All Access passes.Alice Cooper did his usual stuff, Twisted Sister did the BEST show of the Festival followed closely by KISS (Part 2) headlining the last day.

AC/DC @ SdFrance with Slash opening (Part 2) Great show by the boys the only problem is the setlist : same shit from beginning of the tour in 2009 to the end in 2010. So sad !

Old folk rock geezers of Crosby Stills & Nash @ Olympia (Part 2) divided over two sets, one electric and one acoustic, hard to believe these guys are so good even though they all could be my Grand-Father.