Friday, July 23, 2010

Prince @ New Morning, Paris July 23 2:30 AM

UPDATED July 24th :
With link to short videos in Part 2
with link to the first 40 min of the show in Audio in Part 3
& Correct SETLIST

The only Pic for tonight (LOL)

WOW !!! What a night !!!
After seeing a legend: Booker T Jones from Booker T & The MGs, it's time to see PRINCE for a "midnight" show @ New Morning club 400 capacity.
Here @ Rockerparis were lucky to see him playing @ Grand Palais , La Cigale & @ RTL radio in front of 200 people ( he only played 3 songs in 9 min).

It's a fucking mess to get in, the organisation is complete shit, it's like the moshpit for a Sepultura gig, anyway after paying 80 Euros cash only ( i'd like to see how they're gonna declare this gig to the local IRS) we could find our "seat" into the inner sanctum.
It seems that 50 people could not make it because they had an argument with the security even though there was still room in the club. Morons.

It's hot as hell in there but luckily it's not completely packed.
the gig is starting very slowly as Prince doesn't really take the mic straight away but stays in the back even playing guitar facing the back wall.
The backing singers are the stars and are taking the lead.
slowly Prince is getting down the front for some soli and finally is singing lead.
Erikah Badu is here.
Lots of slow songs and other very funky in fact with had a bit of everything tonight including Disco.
Hard to believe he's there a few meters in front of us in this tiny club.
Of Course our photographer Patrice tried to take pictures for the encore and was caught and chewed out by security.
He was back two minutes later and found the perfect spot on the right of the stage with Prince's friends and family (it's useful to have a varilight) just next to the dressing room door.

Setlist:(from FunkHome) After a few corrections THIS IS THE CORRECT SETLIST
02.Brown skin
03.I've never loved a man
04.Baby love
05.Beautiful strange
06.Sometimes it snows in April
08. 2045 Radical Man w/Uptown interpolation

-----Encore 1------
09.When will we b paid?
10.Que sera sera
11.Controversy w/Housequake chants

-----Encore 2-----
12.I love u but i don't trust u anymore
14.The ride
15. Blue Motel Room ( Joni Mitchel)
16.Miss you (rolling stones)

-----Encore 3-----
19.How come u don't call me anymore? w/Please please please

-----Encore 4-----
20.Shake your body
21.Everyday people
22.I want to take you higher

-----Encore 5-----
23.Purple Music / All the critics love u in New Morning
24.Dance (disco heat)

------Encore 6------
Piano Set
25.Diamonds & pearls
26.Raspberry beret
27.Starfish & coffee
28.Venus de Milo
29.Still waiting
30.Future soul song
31. "Oh New Morning" - Purple Rain
-synth outro

What's nice with Prince is that the encores are longer than the "normal" gig.
Great atmosphere, fans know all the lyrics and prince is having them sing many times during the concert
The only thing I don't really understand is why he's playing so many covers with the catalogue he has. Nevertheless it was really cool to hear The Rolling Stones' "Miss you" specially with Prince impersonating Keith Richards (& Mick jagger) on the guitar.
Prince showed us that he can play on anything Guitar Bass ( for a couple of songs) and few other songs on the keyboards, he even asked a fan ( "a girl only") to hold his mic for a song.
Best job in the world for tonight

I'm probably not the N°1 Prince fan but I know for sure that i've witnessed an exceptional gig.
2:30 to 6:15 AM

Congratulations to Patrice who could shake Prince 's hand when he left the venue going through the audience straight after the last song.Leaving the venue by the main door. A Prince.

Funny to leave a club and to see the sun shining and even more funny to see the faces of people in the tube going to work.

In fact the news that Prince was supposed to play the New Morning was circulating a couple of days ago ( July 20) it was confirmed that day but he was to play on the 21st but was pushed back to the 22nd on the afternoon ( of the 21st).
do you get me ?