Monday, June 21, 2010

Mondo Generator @ Hellfest in Clisson, june 20 2010

Mondo Generator @ Hellfest, Clisson
June 20 2010, 6:20 PM

Thanks to those bastards from the SNCF ( french rail) we had to wait a couple of hours in the beautiful city of Nantes to get a train to Clisson which is only 20 miles away so we couldn't get there in time to see English Metallers Saxon.
Anyway we had a walk around the city and visited the beautiful castle & churches.

We've missed the beginning of Mondo Generator feat. Nick Oliveri ( ex- Queens of the Stone Age)
Once again we're on stage , the band is playing in the Terrorizer Tent which holds a couple thousands of people and from our point of view it seems to be packed.
The music is really heavy & Nick is screaming like a maniac.
The audience went mad when they've played QOTSA songs at the end of the 40 min set.