Monday, July 12, 2010

Crosby Stills & Nash @ Olympia july 12 2010 First show Part 2

Crosby Stills & Nash @ Olympia, Paris July 12 2010
1st Show

Part 2 ( Acoustic set)

After a twenty minutes intermission, Crosby Stills & Nash are back on their own , without the full band.
After "Helplessly Hoping" they started playing a few covers from their next record ( they already played them last year).
What' s the point of doing covers ?, it's hard to do better than the originals (" Norwegian wood", "Midnight rider", "girl from the north country"," Ruby tuesday" ) but the version of " Behind blue eyes" ( back to electric) from The Who was great with fantastic solo by Stephen.
Graham went on the piano for " Winchester Cathedral " & " our House".
"Rock'n Roll woman" from Buffalo Springfield sung by Stephen was probably the best song of the night with extended soli.
"Almost cut my hair" had an ovation like every time I saw CSN.

They left for the first time and played "Love the one you're with".
Then last song of the night " Teach your children".

One of our favorite gig for this year, maybe they should have played the Acoustic set at the beginning of the show like they did last year.
Some of the covers didn't match the originals but i have to say than these old geezers can kill any of those young bands.
So many people are telling me that CSN was to be seen in the 70's and NOT now.
Fucking wrong they are still kicking ass.

Each one of them still have the voice he had 30 years ago, Stephen's guitar playing is much more better than a few years ago.

Still funny to hear the audience talking after the show and they ALL agree.

Whole band & Merchandising

Setlist & the Nearby Madeleine church

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