Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crosby Stills & Nash Part 2 @ Olympia Paris July 4th 2009

Crosby Stills & Nash @ Olympia Paris
July 4th 2009
Part 2
Part1 ( click on Link )

The second part of the show was much more electric starting with " Rock & Roll Woman" from then it was hits after hits.

It's hard to believe how many great songs this band has.

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The atmosphere is also getting electric in the audience.
The band is on top form , Steven is stunning on guitar.

Funy to see how these guys seems to be such good friends on stage when they barely speak to each other the rest of the time and that they're travelling separately in their own tour bus.

CSN smoking...

Hats off

Yeah ! we Rock
Vini Vidi Vici !

Time for one more

Steven guitar hero

We were lucky to be treated with an extra song - NOT on the setlist : " Love the one you're with"


Bye Paris you've been a great audience !

" Wooden ships" :