Friday, December 17, 2010

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp aka The GOASTT @ Paris Bercy Dec 16 2010 supporting -M-

The GOASTT feat. Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp
@ Paris Bercy Dec 16 2010
Back to Paris bercy for the second show of the GOASTT supporting French artist -M-
This time they've played a little bit later and the dance troup has played before them , good point.
After seeing them for the second time as a band ( we already saw them playing as an acoustic duet @ Fleche d'Or) It's getting better & better.
Great pop music with nice songs, each musician has a great sound especially the keyboards (Great Korg).
NOT to be miss
Once again they ended the set with Serge Gainsbourg's "Comic Strip" ( we have this on video from yesterday , please scroll down to watch it).
The audience welcomed them very nicely without knowing it's Sean's band.
Back tomorrow ?