Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foreigner @ Grand Rex, Paris April 13th 2010 Part 1

Foreigner @ Grand Rex
Paris April 13th 2010

Part 2 is HERE ( with setlist & video)

First time I'm really seeing a Foreigner concert, last time doesn't really count as they were opening for Led Zeppelin @ 02 and they only played a couple of songs.

Not really sure if it can be call Foreigner as there's only one original member Mick Jones on guitar, Lou Gramm as left many years ago.
It's an early start as the band is supposed to play @ 8:00PM and there's NO support band.
The show started @ 8:25, the stage is very simple with just a logo in the back and a couple of risers for the Drums & Keyboards.
The lightning is STUNNING I mean they have some strong white lights on Mick Jones & singer Kelly Hansen, all dressed in white, for the whole gig.
Patrice Guino , our photgrapher is in fuckin' heaven. I guess this time he doesn't want to dismember the light engineer and throw the pieces to the pigs.
The Grand Rex is one of the most beautiful théatre in the heart of Paris (2500 capacity), all seated in very confortable sofas, it's like beeing at home in front of the TV.
Maybe is it because of the price of the tickets but it's far from beeing sold-out.

Anyway the band made a killer entrance with " double vision" followed by " Head Games" & Cold as Ice" ( see full setlist in Part 2).
I've never been a fan of Foreigner even though I have a couple of the old albums , they're way too light for me, I've always prefer heavy shit.
I'm quite surprised the band is really ROCKIN', the sound is perfect ( "so is the light show" dixit Patrice)
Kelly Hansen is a great showman , a great poser ( in a good way) & a great singer, his voice is hitting the high note perfectly.
Hard not to think about Steven Tyler when you see him walking that stage.
Foreigner is rejuvenated with Kelly and the "youngsters" in the band Jeff Pilson on bass (former Dokken & Dio), Brian Tichy on drums ( Slash's snakepit, Pride & Glory, Billy Idol, Ozzy & Glenn Hughes) + Tom Gimbel on guitar & saxophone & Mickael Bluestein on Keys.
We have a couple of new songs but Foreigner is playing most of their hits.

Mick Jones is fluent in French as he's lived over here for many years working with French Elvis: Johnny Halliday

The band is on top form, Kelly is even having a short walk in the pit down the front to the audience's delight.