Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foreigner @ Grand Rex, Paris April 13th 2010 Part 2

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Michael " keys" Bluestein

We have an unecessary (short) keyboard solo plus a cool drums solo including parts with his bare hands ( John B, where are you ? )

Mega versions of " Urgent" ( here on video) & "Juke box Hero" incorporating Led Zeppelin's "Whole lotta love".
Jason Bonham, son of Led zeppelin's drummer John Bonham was playing in Foreigner a couple of years ago.
Mick is throwing lots of guitar picks in the audience so is Jeff Pilson.
Brian "Banging" Tichy
The band is really having fun and so are we.
Probably my favorite gig this year so far.

Tom Gimbel

Kelly "steven" Hansen

ALL PICTURES Courtesy of
© Guino Patrice

Steven Tyler is in da house !

Jeff " smoking" Pilson

The Winners & Setlist

" Urgent":