Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Peter Doherty Secret show with Alan Wass @ Truskel tonight March 24th 2010

Contact: irockinparis(@)yahoo(dot)fr

Updated March 27th with video

Peter Doherty with Alan Wass
@ Truskel, Paris March 24th 2010

Before the storm

Alan Wass & Peter

The show started very late , almost 1:00 AM.
Alan Wass started the gig playing several songs plagued by technical problems all along his set.
Sounds like the Stones " Exile" era, not as good of course !
He played for 45 min.

The atmosphere was electric since 11: 30 when the concert was supposed to start, once again the Truskel, like 2 years ago when Peter played there after he cancelled the Grand Rex ( click for review ), fucked it up so badly, no organization at all. People were crushed down the front, heavy and stupid security. Stupid people pushing their way to the front... a really mess and not only in the audience but also on stage.

Peter's performance was also plagued with technical problems, his "jack" kept falling off the guitar constantly on almost every song.
So it was a bit of a mess.
Can't really tell you about the setlist as I didn't write it all down.
He probably played 12 songs including " What a waster", " last of the english Roses", Katie", " Fuck Forever", "When the lights go out"," Down in Albion". In this order missing songs in between.
Like yesterday it was so hot in here, the place was so rammed, it could have been dangerous, I can't complain as I wasn't crushed, I was in the " vip" area on the left side of the stage.
Hard to believe that this bar has so little consideration for health & safety issues.

some people are trying to breath & survive

Alan Wass came to play harmonica on several songs at the end of Peter's set.


The show ended at 2:15 AM

Enjoyable night for me but I guess it was a nightmare for the poor bastards down the front.

There's a funny video from Canal+ from the show yesterday ( starts after 1 min ) HERE