mardi 23 mars 2010

Peter Doherty's last minute gig @ Truskel, Paris March 23rd 2010 at midnight !!!

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Peter Doherty
's surprise gig @ Truskel
Paris March 23rd 2010 @ midnight

Kids wanna rock !

It was a last minute show, announced in the afternoon on the Truskel's myspace.
The news spread quickly on the net and when we get there around 10:30 there was a few people but not as much as I expected.
Of course an hour later the tiny bar was packed.
Last time Pete played there it was a nightmare with over-excited and drunk teenagers pushing like maniacs , really dangerous , the atmosphere was electric full of bad vibes and the concert was cut short as a lot of people were talking while he was playing and Peter was really pissed off by that.( scroll down this page for a review of this gig )
Cool atmosphere this time , mostly underage girls ( no school tomorrow ? ).
Peter arrived around midnight with his cohort of hangers on , thank God he was on time.
He took a couple of minutes to test the sound and tuned the guitar.

And Bang ! Let's go.
Not that much talking between songs , he took requests ( Patrice our photographer, who was down the front, asked for "There she goes" by the LAs, he said no " not this one" ).
Lots of singing along by the first rows.

Setlist: (corrected setlist from Oliver Peel)
01: Delivery (Babyshambles)
02: For Lovers
03: Arcady
04: Tell The King (The Libertines)
05: Can't Stand Me Now (The Libertines)
06: Salomé
07: Baddies Boogie (Babyshambles)
08: Don't Look Back Into The Sun (The Libertines)
09: Death On The Stairs (The Libertines)
10: What A Waster (The Libertines)
11: Music When The Lights Go Out (The Libertines)
12: Albion (Babyshambles)

12 songs in all
50 min set.
Cool gig far from beeing his best , but nice to see him in such a tiny place.

See ya lads !

After the battle for both sides
Can't stand me now :

Alizé Meurisse's book signed by Peter

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