Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Peter Doherty @ Fleche d' Or Paris Jan 18th 2010

Peter Doherty + Alan Corbel
@ Fleche d' Or Paris Jan 18th 2010

Alan Corbel

Get there around 7:30 PM doors were already opened, jeeezzz couldn't believe my eyes the queue is streching all along the block, pretty sure than 3/4 of the people queueing couldn't get in.

Hard to get in the venue as kids were pushing their way in & the security was strict and a bit rough at the door.
Anyway, French artist Alan Corbel opened the show , alone with his acoustic guitar, quite surprising there were lots of spaces at the back and on the sides of the pit , The promoter respected the capacity of the club and didn't crammed it in order to make more money.
Tickets were only 8 Euros ( with a drink ).

Time for a beer

Peter came on stage aroung 10:15 PM starting with " Can't stand me now" (Scroll down for the video).
He seemed a bit waysted as usual but didn't fucked it up at all. Songs were played (almost)one after another for the whole gig.
He didn't stop that much , only to sign a few autographs or smoking a cigarette, in fact several (Hey Man what about the no smoking policy ? )

He took time to take requests, reading a few lines from a book that a girl threw on stage as a present, giving away candies or wine and he gave numerous picks to the girls of the first row.
Lots of singing along from the audience in a cool and relax atmosphere, even though it seemed that it was pushing a bit down the front. Patrice , our photographer, this lucky bastard has found the perfect spot once again as he was seating on the side of the stage. ( see Pics )
No Encore Peter left the stage never to come back, he went afterwards for a drink at the hotel in front of the venue.

Great 90 min set from Pete

SETLIST : click on links for videos, more to come so stay tuned
Can’t Stand Me Now / There She Goes / Delivery / Beg Steal Or Borrow / For Lovers / Arcady / Time For Heroes / Pipey Magraw / You Talk / UnBiloTitled / What A Waster / Baddies Boogie / Music When the Lights Go Out / Bucket Shop / Salome / Sheepskin Tearaway / What Katie Did / Fuck Forever / Albion / You’re My Waterloo / Hooligans on E / Carry On Up the Morning / Last of the English Roses / New Love Grows on Tree / I Love You (But You’re Green)

Thanks to Candice & Madame Mime for the videos
Goodbye Lads !

1st song of the night :