mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Europe @ Cigale Paris Jan 20th 2010

Europe + Black Rain @ Cigale Paris
Jan 20th 2010
Black Rain

Sold-out show @ La Cigale for Swedish rocker Europe, I don't go to Hard-Rock very often now but it's good to meet some old friends.
French Glam rockers Black Rain are opening tonight , well... all the clichés from the LA Glam scene, 20 years I could agree with the music & Look but in 2010 it's so passé.
A couple of my mates like what they saw I did NOT.
First time I was seeing Europe on stage, I've always been told that they were great Live.
They were huge 20 years thanks to a couple of hit singles, they were mainstream, these days are long gone but they still can rock da house.
First thing you notice is that the sound is cristal clear so is Joey tempest 's voice. They haven't changed at all ( almost ) physically in 20 years, the girls love them.
John Norum is back on guitar he may have gain a bit of weight but he's still the Guitar Hero he was.
Europe was wellknown for their ballads and we had a couple of them tonight , well maybe three but they're really ROCKING .
Lots of guitar licks courtesy of John Norum and lots of ( well in fact not too much ) posing from singer & lady's darling Joey Tempest.

The band knows how to alternate rockier songs and ballads, the only low point, and it is very small, is that we had a useless keyboard solo, fortunately not too long, as an introduction to one song, apart from that the gig was really great.
Of Course they ended the set with their N°1 hit " The Final Countdown" (Here on video)
Guitar hero in action !
After seeing Depeche Mode yesterday @ Bercy ( see review below with Pics & video ) I would exchange ten shows of DM for one of Europe.
Keep rocking guys you're doing GREAT !!!
see ya Paris !
Setlist ( we've been cheated ) & Nice...haircut

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