Friday, January 15, 2010

James Ellroy promoting " Underworld USA" @ Librairie page 189 in Paris Jan 15th 2010

James Ellroy signing session for " Underworld USA "
@ Librairie page 189 in Paris, Jan 15th 2010
6:00 PM just in time for the session, lots of people are already queueing outside the store and many more inside.
James Ellroy is on time , he's nice and chatty to everyone , 99% of the people here are buying his new book " Underworld USA".
he's nice to everyone and is always saying something funny.

It is to mention that you don't notice the people from the store or the PR as everything is going very smoothly.
It's a first as there is always in these circumstances a bitch trying to be the new Adolf hitler just to show she's the boss.
Not tonight.
As I'm leaving the store much more people are queueing outside than when I came in 30 min earlier. he's successful.

Jan 17th : James Ellroy @ Librairie Dante , 203 Rue de la convention Paris XV.
Jan 19th: @ Librairie Millepages, rue de Fontenay, Vincennes 6:30 PM
Please check date & time before going.

Here's a short video :