Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio in Paris in April

WHAT ?!?

Yeah baby , after performing his Metal Machine album in its entirety for a few shows last year, Lou Reed is coming to Paris @ La Cigale on April 21st as the Metal Machine Trio ( with Sart Alhoun & Ulrich Krieger).
Tickets between 56 & 78 Euros ?!?!!!
Who's gonna pay to hear that shit ?
Certainly lots of Inrockuptibles & Télérama cunt readers, and they're gonna LOOOVe it .

Metal Machine
was done in 1975 to annoy and fullfill his contract with his record Cie but this record which consisted of only larsens and factory noises has become a cult album.
What to expect ?
This ... Hang on baby !