Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peter Doherty, Graham Coxon, Dot Allison & Adam Ficek @ Zénith Paris Oct 5th 2009

Peter Doherty + guests Graham Coxon band,
Dot allison & Adam Ficek's Roses Kings Castles
@ Zénith Paris Oct 5th 2009
Rehearsals with the band without Pete
In an empty Zénith

We went to the Zénith very early saw the guys in the band and could see the soundcheck from the stage infront of an empty Zénith.
They've played 4 instrumental version from Peter's solo record

Here's a video from the soundcheck ( courtesy of Mathilde ):
More videos from the gig including Peter's performance @ Mathilde's

Time tables & Merch
This gig wasn't commercially a success as it was a small Zénith ( 2500 capacity ) and it was far from being full and the guestlist was as long as the Eiffel Tower.
Where are all his fans ?
Lots of young girls as always.
Adam Ficek's Roses Kings Castles

15 min of soft acoustic songs with Adam Ficek
Dot allison

15 min of soft acoustic songs with Dot Allison

Graham Coxon & band

30 min of nice acoustic songs and really noisy rock à la Sonic Youth with Graham Coxon & his band
Peeeeete !!!

SETLIST: ( From Oliver Peel blog )
- The Last Of The English Roses

- A Little Death Around The Eyes
- Salome
- For Lovers
- Back From The Dead (Babyshambles)
- Lady Don't Fall Backwards
- Ballad Of Grimaldi
- Music When The Lights Go Out (The Libertines)
- Don't Look Back Into The Sun (The Libertines)
- Arcady
- 1939 returning
- 32 nd Of December (Babyshambles)
- A'rebours (Babyshambles)
- Sweet By And By
- Broken Love Song
- Albion (Babyshambles)
- Bollywood To Battersea (Babyshambles)
- Time For Heroes (The Libertines)
- Fuck Forever (Babyshambles)

Not the best gig from Peter & friends , cool set anyway

Pete dedicated one song to Sean Lennon who was there tonight , we met him and had a chat with him backstage. Sean was with his girlfriend Model Kemp Muhl and friend Irina.

Graham Coxon rocking: