Thursday, May 20, 2010

SCORPIONS @ Olympia, Paris May 19th 2010 Part 1

SCORPIONS @ Olympia Part 1
Part 2 (Here)
Paris, May 19th 2010
Sold-out tonight for the SCORPIONS @ the Olympia theatre (2500 capacity).
Scalpers are selling tickets outside for 150 Euros, twice the price of the face value ( between 60 & 90 euros)
Expensive isn't it ?
Don't worry they will be back for a few more shows in France in October and in Paris next year.
Sounds like Bob Dylan "never ending tour" as Scorpions will be touring to promote their new album for the next 3 years.
The stage is massive with platforms in the back, the drums is on a riser. A couple of screens on both sides and a stunning lightshow probably the biggest and the brightess I have ever seen at the Olympia.
They opened the set with a new song "sting in the tail" and then we had a "greatest hits" setlist.
Scroll down for the detailed setlist.
Amazing how many great song this band has.
No time to stop each song is played one after another.
Rudolph Schenker is always doing funny faces great poses and has cool designed guitars.
Klaus Meine's voice is great, he doesn't move as much as he used to but maybe he's more focus on his singing as I've seen a couple of cameras in the back recording the set.
Scorpions is well-known for its ballads so we had a few of them , too bad I'm not really fan of ballads I've always prefer to rock like a hurricane LOL

"Send me an angel" was dedicated to the late great RONNIE JAMES DIO.
Fortunatelly they didn't play too many songs from their latest album, the songs are ok but the lyrics are so stupid.It's unbelievable.

James Kottack on drums is the Wild One, cool drum solo playing drums over Scorpions'sample of songs and funny short films on the screens.
For "Blackout" Rudolf put on the "Blackout" mask like the one on the cover on the album.
Lots of audience participation for the choruses specially for the ballads.
Great show but they should get rid of one or two of their ballads, 4 for just one show is waaaayy too much.
120 min set
Scorpions are giving you all and its worth every penny.
Setlist Paris Olympia