mercredi 26 mai 2010

Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood @ Bercy May 25 2010, Part 1

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Eric Clapton / Steve Winwood
@ Paris Bercy
May 25 2010

This is Part 1

Part 2 , Part 3 (click on links)

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setlist is in Part 3
ALL PICTURES © Guino Patrice
Nice to be back @ Paris Bercy, we haven't been here for a long time.
It's not sold-out but the place is packed. Lots of guests from the sponsors in the VIP stalls on the right of the stage.
No opening band and it's an early start as Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood are on @ 8:20 PM
The stage is beautiful but simple with split-screens in the back & the lightning is great.
Eric Clapton is standing dead center and Steve a bit on the left.
Steve Gadd on drums, Willy Weeks on bass, Chris Stainton on piano
Great start with "Had to cry today" (from the Blind Faith album) & The up-tempo version of "After midnight"
Steve is on the guitar for the first couple of songs , he will play most of the gig behind his keyboards.
They're sharing vocal duties on many songs.

Steve is not as well-known over here as he is in the USA but you can see ( hear) that he's a fantastic guitar & keyboard player as well as a great singer.
Maybe he should learn the lyrics to his songs as he's constantly looking at the "tv-screen" in front of him even for his most well-known songs.
First part of the set is really rock then things are slowing down a bit, even a bit too slow for us, as some of Stevie's songs are really soft & slow.
Great version of " Georgia on my mind" by Steve.
Eric is Eric, always perfect.

They have played a few acoustic songs , including "Layla" ( here on video).
" Gimme some loving" was absolutly fantastic.
The 15 min version of " Voodoo Chile" was great but nevertheless a bit long.
Too bad the backing Vocals girls : Michelle John & Sharon White stayed at the back they were stunning and really sexy.They should come down the front for the acoustic part
Only one encore with "Dear Mr Fantasy" , Bercy stayed in the dark for a couple of minutes, everybody was expecting them to play another song unfortunately after 130 min this was the end.
Great show even though some parts were a bit too slow.

"Precense of the Lord":

Bless Ya !