jeudi 6 mai 2010

Peter Doherty @ Truskel , Paris May 5th 2010

Another Peter Doherty secret gig @ Truskel bar in Paris.
May 5th 2010

3rd show for Peter Doherty @ Truskel in less than a month, he's probably staying in Paris for a while as a friend of mine saw him in the french capital last week in a cab.

The tiny Truskel bar is over-packed once again, first rows are lucky this is not as ugly as it was last month for the second secret show @ truskel. This time they can breath which wasn't the case last time but it's hot & sweaty anyway. No AC in here ?

Broadcasted live on the internet ?

Pete arrives at 00:15 Am and gets into the VIP area, where we are, to tune his guitar.
Another show , another late start: around 00:25 AM
Lots of sexy girls in the audience and lots of foreigners too.
The gig is going very smoothly and for the whole set, no technical problems this time, Pete is very relax and focus.
Is it because there's a laptop recording the whole set ? maybe it is broacasted live on the internet.
I really wonder if half of the audience is here to listen to the songs or be part of it to tell their friends they were there.
Not too much pushing from people down the front this time apart from one moment when the first row ended on the stage.
Can't really tell you about the setlist as I didn't write it down but he played some more relax songs for the first part before getting into the more wellknown and faster stuff.
I'll try to get the correct setlist stay tuned to ROCKERPARIS.

Here's part of the setlist that I could get HERE (there are songs missing):
-This setlist TBC- Not in order
??? "several songs" ???
Bollywood To Battersea
Tell The King
The Good old days
Music When the Lights goes out
Beg Steal or Borrow
For Lovers
What a waster
I love you but youre green
Don't look back into the sun
The Ha Ha Wall
Time For Heroes
what Katie did

Like Keith Richards Peter can be asleep at his own gig.

He doesn't talk too much between songs but we're used to this for the last 4 or 5 shows he did in Paris all of them this year 2010.
As you can see on the Pics he's carefull about the tuning
It's 1:35 AM and it's time to go home for Peter.
65 min+ show.
Very good show and less chaotic than the previous ones at Truskel.

"i'm on TV"

Peter stayed a bit in the VIP area with his friends for a while after the set and took a few Pics with fans who sneak in there.

He's playing the Maroquinerie on sunday See Ya There, lads

Sorry no videos as the lightning wasn't bright enough