Sunday, May 9, 2010

Peter Doherty @ Maroquinerie, Paris May 9th 2010


Peter Doherty
+ Alan Wass + Anto Dust
@ Maroquinerie, Paris May 9th 2010


Peter Doherty is still in Paris, he played @ Truskel on wednesday (click for review), this time he's back @ Maroquinerie where he played on Nov 28th 2008 (click for review, setlist Pics).
The gig was sold-out almost instantly so we're glad to be here with 400 people.
The security is strict at the entrance, you cannot even access the restaurant without a ticket, usually you can and cameras are not allowed, well, only small ones.
Rockerparis is providing Pics and videos, so don't worry baby !


There is a french band opening we didn't see them and we arrived as Anto Dust is playing, unfortunatelly we only catch the last 4-5 songs of her set.
We like her @ Rockerparis, she played 3 shows in the French capital last month @ Be There, Pop'In & Truskel ( click for...).
She had a nice reception from the crowd and she deserved it.

Peter introducing...Alan & Some girls

After a short break, Peter and Alan Wass went to the center of the stage , we thought that they were about to play NO, Peter was only there to introduce his friend Alan.
They have both played together @ Truskel on March 24th in Paris ( click for review).
Alan played a short set on acoustic guitar, cool music with 60's influences.
Bob Dylan meeting The Rolling Stones "Exile " era.
Cool set.
Alan Wass

Bob Dylan is in da house

Loud cheers are welcoming Peter on stage (9:30PM).
He loves Paris and plays here very often.
This is the 6th time we're seeing him in 2010.

Peeeeeeeeeete ! NO

Like all the gigs we've been to recently , he's very relax and cool.
There used to be a fury all around him a few years ago it has calm down.
The audience is listening to the songs religiously and no one is talking over the music.
It's a real gig and not a circus like it was in the "old days" , the atmosphere for this one is really different from last time in this very same place.

Not much talking between songs from Peter songs are played one after another, but we're used to it now.
He red a few lines from a book that was thrown on the stage, he did the same with a couple of papers that were thrown by a couple of girls.
As you can see on the Pics the WHOLE first row is squatted by girls.

Peter reading

I can't really say that it was "better" than the other shows I've been to this year but the atmosphere was so relax and laid back that it is probably my favorite.
Even though it seems that he really doesn't put as much effort as before , he's more on auto pilot.
No new songs tonight

[In fact he probably played one:
Do you Know this song ?
Mail me if you know the title : irockinparis((@))yahoo(dot)fr ]

SETLIST ( from here):
01. (intro)
02. Lady Don’t Fall Backwards
03. From Bollywood To Battersea (starts @ 3'00'') -new link-
04. Last Of The English Roses, another version
05. Dilly Boys
06. What A Waster
07. Love Reign O’er Me ( starts @2'45'' ) -new link-
08. You’re My Waterloo
09. Ballad of Grimaldi -New link-
10. Time For Heroes
11. The Lost Art Of Murder
12. Music When The Lights Go Out
13. ---new song ---
14. The Good Old Days
15. Salomé
16. Albion
17. Can’t Stand Me Now
18. What Katie Did
19. Hooligans On E
20. For Lovers

Check also Oliver Peel's website for more Pictures

The show was recorded by Katia de Vitas who ( with Christian Fevret) are making a documentary on Peter (click for trailer).They are still recording lots of material and the documentary is far from being completed.
The trailer was cut & uploaded on Youtube just because Peter asked them to.

Too bad he only played for 75 min, with NO encore.

a dedicated audience

A couple of songs from the show:

We've also been told that Peter played an unplanned acoustic gig ( playing covers) at Bergerac bar in the afternoon for customers and passers by.
He'll be back in London tomorrow.

Check these websites for an extra dose of Pete :

Dont' forget than Adam Ficek (Roses Kings & Castles , Ex-Babyshambles) is playing Espace B in Paris on May 19th, it's only 5 Euros.