Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Johnny Winter @ Bobino, Paris March 15th 2010

Johnny Winter + A L'Ouest Le band @ Bobino
Paris March 15th 2010

A L'Ouest Le Band
Sold-out show for veteran blues man Johnny Winter in this beautiful théatre in the heart of Montparnasse , Bobino ( 900 capacity).
The opening band, French blues rocker A L'Ouest Le Band is a very cool introduction to the main attraction of tonight's blues rock gig.
Lots of guitar licks on a red Gibson SG, too bad they're singing in French.
8:50 PM , famous french guitar players Paul Personne & Louis Bertignac ( From Téléphone) are introduced to the stage (???!!??? ) to say how much they love Johnny Winter and then the band comes on stage to play a song before Johnny Winter takes his seat in front.
First time that I'm seeing him LIVE.
What to expect ? I've read so many VERY bad reviews from all the people who came to see him in concert a few years ago, at this time he wasn't playing (almost) at all and was barely touching his guitar.

From the first song that he's playing, you can see and hear that Johnny Winter is back from the dead , of course he's very fragile and someone is walking him to his seat but he plays the guitar... and very well.
He's is not as fluid and fast as it used to be in the seventies but Johnny Winter proved us tonight that he's still a killer on the guitar considering his age and what he's been going through all these years.
Classic songs are played " Good morning little school girl", "Red House" , "Highway 61" ...
he left the venue straight after the gig to do some interviews in a huge camping car ( no tour bus) parked in front of the venue and he signed cds to everyone inside the bus.
Great night , much more better than we all expected !!!

I 've just found 3 other great videos from the gig HERE.

"RED HOUSE" 7'50"

Pass , promo Pic and cds signed

Last song of the show 7' 56" of guitar:

See ya tomorrow @ Scopitone for Mohna. who played an Oliver Peel session yesterday.
March 17th:
Eric Bell ( Thin Lizzy) Pat McManus ( Mama's boys) & Andy Powell ( Wishbone Ash) are playing the Trabendo.
March 18th:
La Fiancée ( folk )& Lisa Popineau @ Fnac Ternes 5:30 PM free show.