Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mohna & Clare Louise @ Oliver Peel session # 19, March 14th 2010

Mohna & Clare Louise @ Oliver Peel session # 19
Private show in Paris, March 14th 2010

French Clare Louise

Two weeks after seeing Rose Melberg & Sophie Ramsay, we're back @ Oliver's and Cecile's for another double act with French folk young lady Clare Louise and German piano player & singer Mohna.

Frenchies are first tonight , well... this afternoon as it's an early Oliver Peel session on this sunday with Clare Louise, folk it is. You could'nt get wrong with this ;-)
Clare is usually playing with a band this time she's on her own on acoustic guitar , nice melodies and a very special way of singing.
30 min set ending with a David Bowie cover.

German Mohna

Then we have German girl Mohna on piano with a little help from her friends on percussion and accordeon.
Very soft & melancolic songs on the piano with a voice reminding me of Bjork.
Just imagine Bjork on a very sad day conforting herself by playing sad songs on piano and you'll guess what it sounded like.
Her songs are a bit deconstructed so you never know they will end which is surprising.

A nice sunny afternoon and evening @ Oliver's with new faces in the audience ( as often ) and (as always) lots of beautiful girls. Food & wine is flowing a along this session
We'll be back here in a couple of weeks artist to be announced soon on Rockerparis.

Mohna & part of the beautiful people
More Pics HERE

We even had some strippers for the aftershow ( left ) sorry no Pics available

Johnny Winter is playing Bobino in Paris on March 15.
John Butler Trio is doing a private show for OUI FM @ Boule Noire on the same day.