Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rose Mellberg + Sophie ramsay @ Oliver Peel session #18 Paris Feb 27th 2010

Rose Melberg ( & Kellarissa ) + Sophie Ramsay
@ Oliver Peel Session #18 Paris Feb 27th 2010
Saturday's night all right for ... folking @ Oliver (& Cécile) Peel's place once again.
Lots of familiar faces in this private appartment for the session #18.(click for many more Pics)

First to play is Scottish girl Sophie Ramsay, who's the last minute addition do this Folk bill.
First song a cappella in Gaelic, a first here then 3-4 very soft folk songs.
Probably one of the "quietest" artist that Oliver ever had.

Headlining tonight, before playing the Pop'In tomorrow @ 9:00PM, is a American singer-songwritter from Sacramento ( currently living in Canada (?) ) Rose Melberg, with a little help from her friend Kellarissa on vocals on all songs.
The headlining act is also playing very soft folk songs with beautiful harmony vocals.

Cécile licking the Cat's butt !?! & Marie Claire approving

Very quiet & refreshing saturday , the place wasn't crammed, nice food courtesy of Cécile in a cool & relax atmosphere.

Some members of the audience & Sophie Ramsay

Thanks to Amazingbands for the videos