Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bruce Dickinson Press conference in Paris

Bruce Dickinson , lead singer in IRON MAIDEN is in Paris to promote the release on dvd of his movie " A chemical wedding " :
A story about Aleister Crowley's ressurection .
Screening @ 6 pm and press conference @ 8 pm ( we're gonna be late for Motorhead ).
Bruce seems to know A LOT about Aleister Crowley.
The atmosphere is very relax in this small private cinema in front of Europe 1 radio near the Champs Elysées .
Too bad I have to leave before the end to go to ... MOTORHEAD.

Review © Guino Patrice

Blabbermouth has used Rockerparis to inform metallers around the world about this conference.
check their site , there is the Trailer plus other stuff about the movie :