Friday, November 21, 2008

The BellRays + Charles Walker's Dynamites +The Puppini Sisters + Vigon + Kitty Daisy & Lewis @ La Musicale Paris Nov 21st 2008

Just back from the second recording of " La Musicale " . Both recordings will be edited for one TV Show broadcasted on Dec 23rd .
Tonight no big names like yesterday ( Seal & Tom Jones ) but it was a KILLER.
The BellRays , The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker , The Puppini Sisters , Vigon and youngsters Kitty daisy & Lewis .

First on are The Dynamites from Nashville featuring Charles walker ( introduced by MC Emma De Caunes as "Joe Walker" ). Great funk band à la James Brown .

Then we have the Mighty Bellrays , they don't need any introduction they fuckin' rock & soul but tonight is a special treat with two cool covers and an unexpected 3rd song that wasn't planned.
they're always great even though i prefer when they rock at 200 MPH.

Completely different style with The Puppini Sisters , these 3 girls are playing 40's style swing, great vocals nice outfit too.

Vigon , this French Maroccan singer is a bit of a cult figure over here , he released a few singles and an album on Atlantic in the 60's and then completely disappeared for 40 years. He's back now as his album is finally out on cd now 40 years after its original release. Voice is fantastic a mix between Otis Redding and Sam Cooke . he broke down the house with his covers of Ray Charles' " I can't stop loving you " and Bob & Earl's " Harlem Shuffle" ( covered by the Stones ) Standing ovation , better response from the 400 strong audience than Seal and Tom Jones put together yesterday . He was the only artist to have an Encore over these 2 days of recording with Otis' " I can't turn you loose" .
Listen to that :

Last artists to play are 3 young english , 2 sisters and their brother : Kitty Daisy & Lewis in their late teens playing early rock ' n Roll with their dad on guitar and mum on double bass : It's a family affair . they 've done a very good set too.

I mean, it's hard to see 10 different artists playing different styles over two days and to like them all.
You know me i won't hesitate to say it if any of this bands were crap but they were all great.
Fantastic package for this Tv Show , Stéphane Saunier is always booking great bands for Canal+ on the " Album de la semaine ". He made the right choices for this one .

Here's the complete setlist :( based on technicians ' official setlist ).
Dynamites feat. Charles walker :
" Slinky " + " Cold sweat" .
The Bellrays : "you got the love " , " with a little bit of your love" + extra song " Santa's got a big old bag"
The Puppini Sisters : " boogie Woogie " , " Crazy in Love " + extra song " ? "
Vigon : "I can't stop loving you " , " harlem shuffle " + encore : " I can't turn you loose"
Kitty Daisy & Lewis : " going up the country " , " baby Hold me tight " , + song with brother on piano maybe " bugging blues " ???

sorry No Pictures it's forbidden