Sunday, December 25, 2011

ROCKERPARIS' TOP 20 Rock gigs for 2011 ! (Part 1)

ROCKERPARIS' Top 20 concerts for 2011 (Part 1)
-NOT in order-

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Thin Lizzy/ America/ Ben Harper

1) Thin Lizzy @ Bataclan Jan 26 : (part 2) Strange line-up with Ricky Warwick / Vivian Campbell but one of our favorite show of 2011 (and it was only January)

2) Band Of Horses @ Cigale Feb 26: We've seen the band a few times before (Club,TV, radio, & festival shows) but their first headlining "big" show in Paris was Top.

3) Marianne Faithfull @ Théatre du Chatelet March 22 & 23: 60's Icon Lady Marianne introducing her new album with some of her best songs & some nasty guitar by none other than Mr Wayne Kramer from the MC5. WaaannGG !

4) America @ Casino de Paris April 19 & 20: Folk American legends performed two shows in Paris , it was a must see this year.Fantastic tunes.

5) Ben Harper & R7 @ Fleche d'Or May 09 : The new album "Give till it's gone" is not as good ( and as heavy) as the previous one "White Lies" but Ben is rejuvenated with his new band. Perfect conditions for us at this club show.

6) QOTSA @ Olympia May 23: They performed the first album in its entirety : Fantastic. The Encore was not as good with songs from the crappy latest album but still a great show.
Waters/ Doors/Megadeth/QOSTA

7) Roger Waters @ Bercy May 30 & 31: FANTASTIC SHOWS, the music, the sound , the stage, everything was top including his voice, well... he was miming over a tape. Still Fantastic. In our top 5 for 2011

8) Judas Priest @ Zénith June 20: Great performance with a smashing new guitar player and Rob Halford's voice was terrific.Great setlist too. Duff McKagan's Loaded opening was crap.

9) Manzarek/ Krieger @ Bataclan July 03: Former Doors members playing in Paris on the Anniversary of Jim Morrison's death. Everytime we saw them it was less and less good, in the end we didn't even bother going but tonight's show was great.

10) Sonisphere Fest in Amnéville with Anthrax,Slayer, Megadeth, & METALLICA July 09: Shitty conditions ( and very dangerous) as it was on a huge parking lot with stones the size of a pint glass, it was also baking hot the whole day and the security was crap. Metallica have performed a terrific set with the best setlist I have ever seen them do. Unfortunately the jam at the end of this Big 4 ruined (almost) everything as Slayer & Megadeth didn't turn up.

Judas Priest/Metallica