Monday, June 20, 2011

Judas Priest + Duff McKagan's Loaded @ Zénith, Paris June 20 2011

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Judas Priest
& Loaded @ Zénith
Paris June 20 2011

Times are difficult, is it the crisis or what ?
I guess that metal kids (well they're not kids anymore) don't want to spend more than 50 or 60 euros for the Mighty Priest as the it's a small Zénith tonight (3000 capacity) and there are still empty seats in the back.

setlist & Aftershow meeting

Duff McKagan's Loaded is opening, we're glad to see Duff back in Paris as Velvet Revolver didn't play any shows in France on their last tour.
After 3-4 songs even tough Duff is trying his best to keep the audience entertain, I have to admit that this is getting boring to death.
Duff is also not a great singer. I remember him opening for The Scorpions in Bercy for "Believe in Me" and it was much better.
Loaded is just a boring band with no good songs, the end of the 50 min set is a bit better with The Misfits' cover of "attitude" & Guns N Roses' "It's so easy".


What to expect with Judas Priest WITHOUT KK Downing ?

Doing a Farewell without without one of its founding member is ridiculous, whatever happened between KK and the Band , he should have done this tour, at least for the fans...
Anyway he won't be missed as Richie Faulkner is absolutely FANTASTIC.
Not only he's a great guitar player but he's a guitar hero with the poses and all...

Rob Halford has a much better voice that the last time Judas played @ Zénith (click for review Pics setlist & video) two years ago in March 2009 with Megadeth (click for review ...)opening.

1) Rapid Fire
2) Metal Gods (starts at 5:20)
3) Heading out to the Highway
04) Judas rising
05) Starbreaker
06) Victim of changes
07) Never satisfied
08) Diamonds & Rust (another recording)
09) Prophecy
10) Night crawler
11) Turbo Lover (Another recording)
12) Beyond the realms of death
13) The sentinel (My favorite song)
14) Blood red skies
15) The green Manalishi
16) Breaking the law
17) Painkiller (another recording)
Encore 1
18) Electric Eye
Encore 2
19) Hell bent for leather (another recording)
20) You've got another thing coming
Encore 3
21) Living after Midnight

As you can see above the setlist is terrific, it's hard not to be happy with it, there are songs from every era of the band, well except the one with Ripper Owens which I think is a lack of respect to him as he's part of the history of Judas Priest.
Judas Priest knows how to please it's fans : it's typical Heavy Metal, the one that we love : leather, metal, twin guitars, heavy sound, fire & pyro, great soli & screamings ...& the motorcycle on "hell bent for leather" !!!
When it comes to heavy Metal NO ONE can compete with The Mighty Priest

A hell of a show!!!

"Night Crawler":