Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roger Waters "The Wall" 2nd Show @ Bercy, Paris May 31 2011

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Roger Waters 2nd show @ Paris Bercy, May 31 2011
1st Half

Of course, same show.
Guests in the audience including John Mc Enroe, Marianne Faithfull, Jean Michel Jarre & Sylvie Vartan.

John McEnroe (far right with green t-shirt)

2nd Half

It was really well worth seeing a second time as there are things I didn't notice on the first night.

The best place is not too close from the stage so that you can enjoy the projections on the wall and the quadrophonic sound.
Once again GREAT show.

After watching carefully with friends, Roger is not singing for many songs.
No Gilmour tonight on "Confortably Numb".

Say "Yeahhh"

Here are most of the musicians and backing vocalists

Goodnight Paris !

The opening song "In the Flesh" with pyro: