Saturday, May 21, 2011

TriggerFinger + Lydia Lunch @ La Machine, Paris May 21 2011

TriggerFinger + Lydia Lunch + Dona Confuse @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Paris May 21 2011

Dona Confuse (far left)

When French band Dona Confuse is getting on stage in the basement room of La Machine, which is the smallest room of a capacity of 400 people, the place is nearly empty.
Very experi-me(n)tal-ambiant band between Radiohead when they're playing their electro shit and a very soft version of A Perfect Circle-Deftones.

The we have TriggerFinger from Belgium. The place is packed, there are a few Flemish behind me, of course these bastards don't speak French anyway...
It was the first time I was seeing this band, i've heard many good things about them and I wasn't disappointed.
That's the kind of music we like at ROCKERPARIS : some greasy heavy rock blues.
As you can see on the Pics , the band is smartly dressed.
The drummer is a killing machine (see video), cool guitar licks and funny bass player who's probably twice my size.
The band knows how to create an atmosphere with the red curtain in the back, nice lightning + dress code.
The audience is having fun, 90 min set
Hard to believe that this band is not more wellknown, if they were americans they would probably sell shit-loads of records.
A must see if you're into that kind of music.

Lydia Lunch

Only a handful of people stayed after Trigger Finger, mostly girls to attend Lydia Lunch's set. She played without the help of a band only singing to the music of a cd: strange.
She started with "The Spy" from The Doors' "Morrison Hotel" and sung several covers before singing her own songs.
Really weird to see someone alone on a stage singing over some music without musicians but she did a very good 8-9 songs set for 30 min.
I was a bit surprised that it ended so quickly without any Encore so sorry no video.