dimanche 1 mai 2011

Selah Sue @ L'Album de la Semaine Canal+, Paris May 02 2011

Selah Sue @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris May 02 2011


New Soul Reggea- Raggamuffin sensation Selah Sue is promoting her first and new album by playing a short 7 songs (in fact 9 songs as she did the last two songs another time) set in front of a selected audience of 200 people.
All white band, she sings like a black girl from the caribbean (which means eating half of each word) even though she's a cute tiny white blonde from Belgium.
Cool music even if it's not our cup of tea, the band is very tight with a nice drummer who looks like he's barely in his late teens.
She has a great soul-rock voice like a black singer so it's funny to hear her talk in french between songs as she has a very thick Flemish accent.
Some of the songs are quite good with a very modern soul feelings with a groovy up-tempo, some others are a bit too ragga for us

Very nice discovery, good show