Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hervé Bourhis' Rock'n Roll Music Exhibition @ Galerie Oblique, Paris April 30 2011

Saturday afternoon art galeries & exhibitions
Taschen (far left) Just Jaeckin galerie (left) shop window

After attending Moriarty's showcase @ Fargo store and digging through boxes of memorabilia at the nearby secondhand market, we later had a walk in St Germain des Pres, The Taschen store is selling a very expensive book of Linda McCartneys' Pictures (see shop window above) of The Beatles, The Stones, Hendrix ...& family pics. Fantastic.
3 different books with prices ranging from 45 euros, 750 euros & 1750 euros for the limited art edition signed by Paul McCartney with print.

The nearby Anne & Just Jaeckin galerie has some nice Pics with Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Fonda & Ursula Andress + sculptures. (see pic above)
We found a plaque with John Paul Jones' name on it, Led Zeppelin Bass player was a ship captain in a previous life.(see pic above)
Then we went to the Rock'n Roll Music exhibition by Hervé Bourhis @ Galerie Oblique in Village St Paul, lots of drawings of musicians: Radiohead, KISS , Elton John, The Beach Boys, The Velvet Undergroud, Arcade Fire... and a whole room for The Beatles.

Too bad it was the last day , lots of great stuff
drawings between 150 & 300 euros

66 rpm Beatles vinyl

Ended the day @ Constant for a nice diner.