mardi 10 mai 2011

Catherine Ringer @ L'Album de la Semaine Canal+, Paris May 10 2011

Le Grand Journal is in Cannes for the festival so the recording of L'Album de la Semaine is push forward, so we missed the first two songs.
Catherine Ringer was the lead singer of French pop-Rock band Rita Mitsuko, after the death of guitar player (and husband) Fred Chichin, she's going solo.
She already performed a few warm-up shows at the tiny Boule Noire club a couple of weeks ago where journalists and photographers were NOT invited.
Different tonight as she's playing a tv show, it's still the same kind of music, French rock songs sung in french of course (apart from one song).
Catherine is "living" the songs and is acting a lot, they had to do a few songs again as they were not satisfied.
They had a couple of technical pbs on the second take but kept on performing and Catherine didn't want to do it a third time but we had to wait at the end for a good 15 min so they can see the footage backstage for finally telling us we could go home as they kept the take as it was.
Anyway...Good show

The next two weeks will be very quiet concert-wise, tonight (May 11) WIRE is playing La Machine, tomorrow (May 12) SAXON is playing le Bataclan.On saturday Twin Shadow is playing La Machine and will play a showcase @ Agnes B.(check first for all these gigs)
And then nothing until QOTSA @ Olympia on May 23rd.