Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marianne Faithfull + Wayne Kramer (second show) @ Théatre du Chatelet, Paris March 23 2011

Marianne faithfull feat. Wayne Kramer @ Théatre du Chatelet
Paris, March 23 2011

Yesterday was so good that we decided to come back
Basically the same show as yesterday, she may have changed the setlist a bit as she didn't perform "No Reason" ( from the new album) tonight, she did it yesterday.
The audience was more hot, she noticed it saying "You are much more better than yesterday" True.
As you can see the first part of the gig has songs from her last 3 albums then she's playing the hits
"Sister Morphine" (here on video) and "Broken English" were extended version with great guitar soli from Wayne & Doug.
As she has a sore throat (so she said) she didn't come back to perform the a cappela song she did yesterday "Love is teasing" from the Chieftains.

1) Horses and High Heels
2) Why did we have to part
3) Back in Baby's arms
4) The Stations (tbc)
5) There is a ghost
6) The Crane Wife
7) Prussian Blue (click for video)
8) Like Being Born
9) Going Back
10) Sing me back Home
11) Band Intro
12) Sister Morphine
13) Broken English
14) As Tears go by
15) Working Class Hero
16) Incarceration of a flower child
-Encore 1-
17) Ballad of Lucy Jordan
-Encore 2- 18) Strange Weather

Another great show by Marianne who is proud of being Commendeur

Théatre du Chatelet & the nearby Tour St Jacques

"Sister Morphine":