Saturday, February 26, 2011

Band Of Horses + Mike Noga @ Cigale, Paris Feb 26 2011

Band of Horses + Mike Noga & the Gents
@ Cigale , Paris Feb 26 2011
Last show on the European Tour

Mike Noga (above) & Ben Bridwell from BoH on the far right

Another sold-out show in Paris after PJ Harvey, Razorlight, Skunk Anansie...
This time it is for one of the best, if not the best, new band to appear these last few years.

This is our 5th show since April 2010 ( L'Album de la semaine TV Show on April 07 , La Fleche d'Or on April 08, Rock en Seine Festival on August 27 and C'est Lenoir Black Session on August 30 ) and each time they have deliver a great performance.
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We're late tonight and we could only see the last 2 songs of support band Mike Noga & the Gents, we thought that Band of Horses were already playing as the guys were jamming with Mike Noga. It was rocking.
For Band of Horses there is a huge backdrop in the back that will play images of the band live at different concerts & festivals + images of landscapes and animals so the lightshow is not too bright (read crap).
On album the music is more ambient but live these motherfuckers are rocking, the first 4-5 songs were smoking before they played more mid-tempo songs.
The guys are having a lot of fun as it's the last show on the Europan Tour and i'm sure they're glad to go back home. Ben ,the singer, is smiling all the time & telling both the guitar players to sing from time to time his parts.
It's the first time I see them interacting like this between each-other, usually they are very focus on the music ... almost too serious.
It's probably the most heavier show I've seen.That's what we like @ Rockerparis.
They should be acting more often like this, Mike Noga and his Gents are returning the favour by playing with Band of Horses for a song to everyone's laughter including band members of both bands.
The setlist is quite long with many songs coming from the latest album ( see setlist for details)
Great 110 min show, this show will surely end up in our top 10 for 2011
Smell the Horse !
The audience /setlist/ Aftershow @ Merchandising with Mike Noga & the Gents