Monday, April 18, 2011

America + Madjo ( First Show) @ Casino de Paris, April 19 2011

America + Madjo @ Casino de Paris
April 19 2011
First of the two shows that Folk-rockers America is playing in Paris. Their first album was released 40 years ago.
They may have shorter hair but the voices are still there.
French artist Madjo opened the concert , on her own on the acoustic guitar.
Can't say it's bad but it's not fantastic either, sounds a bit like Ayo, so it's average.
We saw her and her band @ L'Album de la Semaine and it was much better.

Sold-out gig for America even though the tickets are expensive (between 55 & 77 euros),there's no one under 40 (apart from us LOL) and its all seated.
They will be playing tomorrow as well , same place and there are still a few tix left.
It looks like French mag or websites don't care about America as our photographer Guino Patrice was the only one taking pics.
Too bad, Folk music has never been so popular and America is probably the greatest of all, young folkies have a lot to learn from these old geezers who started in London back in the late 60's.
Most of the folk shows are sold out in Paris, lots of young girls to see new boring folk bands, where are they tonight ?

Great start with "Tin Man" & "You can do magic", nice lightshow and the sound is clear.
it's not only folk as they have a few rockier songs with heavy guitar licks.
This year 2011 is the 40th anniversary of the release of their first album (this one is really Folk) so they're playing half of the album (why only half ?), see setlist for details.

Dewey is not only playing acoustic guitar is also on piano for a few songs , Dewey and Gerry are both singing lead and sharing vocal harmonies with their musicians Rich & Woods.
The voices are intact, you close your eyes and it's a trip back into 1971.
America has always played a mix of Folk songs and a few rock ones with heavy guitars and that's what we have tonight.

They don't have any new album to promote so it's a Best Of setlist. This band has so many great songs... They're even doing "california dreaming" from The Mamas & Papas.

see ya tomorrow guys for the second show

Probably not the rockier audience I have ever seen, people are sitting down for the whole show until the encore.
The gig couldn't end without their hit " A Horse with no Name" (here on video) with Madjo on backing vocals and the daughter of one of their friend on piano.
They could have played an extra song as the audience kept singing for several minutes, they just showed up to say: "That's all folks we've done everything !"
Very american, they've fulfilled the contract .
90 min show, we'll be back tomorrow, see ya there

Full setlist with indications for light desk

Finale with " A Horse with no Name"

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