mercredi 6 avril 2011

The Kills @ Bataclan, Paris April 06 2011

The Kills + S.C.U.M. @ Bataclan
Paris April 06 2011
After seeing Jamie & Alison yesterday @ Fnac Forum for a signing session, it's time to see these two animals live @ the hot & sweaty Bataclan. Unfortunately we couldn't go to their small gig @ La Fleche d'Or last month, we were @ Marianne Faithfull's.
There's a lot of hype with The Kills but there are still playing the tiny bataclan (1200 capacity) so it was sold-out a long time ago.
Scalpers are making a bit of extra pocket money outside, lots of trendy 'Hippie -chic' girls, inside it's hot as hell but we're used to with the bataclan there is no AC.
S.C.U.M from England is opening, it's very psyche post-Punk but not very interesting.

The show hasn't started yet that everybody's sweating like pigs.
9:15 pm The kills are finally on stage, Jamie on the left, Alison on the right, absolutely no light show apart from two searchlights, that will follow every move from the duet for the whole gig.
The sound is raw, Jamie is holding the house with his riffs and Alison is like a lion in cage.
Part of the balcony on the far left is reserved for guests of the band including Kate Moss but don't worry they won't mix with the normal punters, they have their own door to get there from the backstage area. How rock'n roll is that ?
Jamie's in charge of the guitars and starts the drum machine plus some backing vocals, Alison sings of course , plays a bit of guitars and for a couple of songs she's on keys & drums (see pic above)
On stage the post-punk garage rock couple is sweating buckets as well, in fact when you really think about it, most of their (short) songs are sounding the same, only 3-4 songs are "standing out".
The concert is pretty short as they are living the stage for the first time after just 45 min.
Intense 65 min gig.

SETLIST with links to videos:
01: No Wow 02: Futures Starts Slow 03: Heart Is Beating Drum 04: Kissy Kissy 05: U.R.A. Fever 06: DNA 07: Satellite 08: Tape Song 09: Baby Says 10: You Don't Own The Road 11: Sour cherry ENCORE 12: The Last Goodbye 13: Pots And Pans 14: Fried My Little Brains

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