Monday, April 6, 2009

America @ Théatre Marigny Paris April 5th 2009

America in Paris @ Théatre Marigny
April 5th 2009
The Everly Brothers ?
Afetr seeing Metallica playing two sold-out shows in front of 18000 metal maniacs in Bercy a couple of days ago.
Completely different style of music and venue.
Tonight folk-rockers AMERICA are playing a sold-out gig in one of the most beautiful theatre in Paris just next to the famous Champs Elysées.
This is their last show on the European tour before heading back to... America
Lots of posh people in here.
No warm-up act and America get right into it with " Riverside " & " Ventura".
The sound is perfect and so are the harmony vocals between Gerry Beckley & Dewey bunnell, the original members ( there was a 3rd one many years ago).
They're back up by a tight band.
These guys have so many classic songs , it' hard to believe ; needless to say they've played 'em all. We also had songs for their recent album " Hear & Now " ( 2007 ) co-produced by James Iha ( former Smashing Pumpkins ).
George Martin produced seven of their records so they played " Eleanor Rigby" as a tribute to The Beatles. They also played Mamas & Papas ' " california dreaming".
The stage is very simple, there is just a huge screen in the back with projections of their album artwork or images of american landscapes to nice effects.
The 90 min show wouldn't be complete without " sandman" which made everybody stand up.
And of course their N°1 hit single on both sides of the Atlantic " A horse with no name" with the beautiful daughter of Dewey as a guest vocalist.
Great show !
Both of them were really nice and chatty when we could met them after the show at the bar
first goodbye
Goodbye for good / Setlist signed

A/S for VIPs only
PS : Thanks to Richard for his kindness