Friday, April 10, 2009

Anthony & the Johnsons @ Grand Rex Paris April 9th 2009

Watch a video of Anthony @ Album de la semaine TV show (click on link )
Recorded April 8th in Paris

Anthony & the Johnsons @ Grand Rex
Paris April 9th 2009

Correct setlist

Anthony was playing "L'album de la semaine" tv show for Canal+ yesterday , I didn't go as I was at Bob Dylan.
So i'm glad that he's playing a long sold-out show in the most beautiful cinema in France and probably the biggest with more than 2000 confortable seats. These seats are so confortable that they are closer to private sofas. So the conditions are perfect.
Anthony's last cd " The crying Light" is absolutely great so i was looking forward for this gig. His voice is sooo amazing, quite a difference compare to Bob Dylan's
The gig started very slowly with lots of very slow songs but then things started to move a bit.
Anthony is on the piano on the left with 6 musicians on the right ( Drums , Bass, Guitar , 2 violins or cellos and woodwind ).
Once again i've found out another artist who's palying 90% of the wole set almost completely in the dark but it suits the music fine, See Pics ( or video )for the only moment with decent lightning.
Thumbs up for the performance !

His voice is very emotional and the gig went smoothly until he had to restart " you are my sister" 3 times but he took the opportunity to chat with the audience and be political on God & Jesus + Obama for a good 5 min that was really fun and interesting.
Some songs were welcome with rousing applause ( the "old" ones )
No one has the new cd in here ?
The guy is nice , the songs are good and the voice is amazing : Great gig
Anthony has gone a long way since his first show at the tiny Maroquinerie a few years ago.
Next step is the Zénith in Paris ( Hope so )

From Oliver Peel :
A few pictures from the gig here :
A few pictures from the Aftershow here :

Enjoy this one :