Monday, April 27, 2009

A CAMP + St Vincent + Mai @ Maroquinerie " Les femmes s'en melent " Paris April 26th 2009

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@ Maroquinerie Paris April 26th 2009
Festival " Les Femmes s'en Melent"

Mai (Johanna Wedin )
Not sold-out tonight , how come ?
Lots of beautiful girls in the audience and on stage , I like this festival ;-)

First on stage is Swedish band MAI with the lovely singer Johanna Wedin.
The band is playing a very aerian Pop-Folk .
She's fluent in French , she's playing the piano, she has the voice of an angel and she's sexy .
We met her A/S and she's really cool so ...
What more are you asking for ? So sad i missed the beginning of the set.

St Vincent ( nice red shoes, honey)

Then we have St Vincent, she 's on her own with her guitar and pre-recorded music samples and loops , she's actionning it all by herself and she's also singing. A one woman band .
She'd better not be distracted by some drunken dumb-ass , she needs to focus.
Her indie rock is quite strange but these froggies welcome her with open arms and were waiting for an Encore that didn't come.
Nice discovery , oh yeah she's also cute.

A CAMP feat Nina Persson from The Cardigans
Last but not least is A Camp , Nina Persson 's side band with her husband Nathan Larson.
I really love The Cardigans but I have to say that the first time i listened to A CAMP i just couldn't believe what i heard.
Their first self-titled debut album is The perfect combination of pop-rock , a masterpiece , it's one of my favorite record ever.The music is perfect and Nina's voice is absolutely stunning.
Better than the Cardigans.
They're here to promote their new cd " Colonia" ( which i haven't heard yet ).
Needless to say i'm under Nina's spell from the first chord of the first song till the last one.
All the subtility of their songs are perfectly played live by the 5 piece band ( sometimes 6 ).
It's the first time i was seeing them live and wasn't disappointed.
People listened religiously to the 13 songs they've performed tonight.
Maybe they should have played more songs as they've only been on for just an hour.
Please COME BACK soon.

Watch ze official video diary of their trip to Paris HERE
Bon appetit mes ami(e)s

setlist and the cute Keyboard player from A Camp.

Johanna Wedin ( Mai ) posing for
Oliver Peel