Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HJALTALIN @ Nouveau casino Paris April 21st 2009

Hjatalin + Fanny Krief @ Nouveau Casino
Paris April 21st 2009

I can't tell you anything about this band from Iceland, a friend of mine invited me to see them , just heard some of their song HERE and they sounded really good.

French folk singer Fanny Krief is opening , I don't know how long she's been playing but she needs more practice, she has a good voice but doesn't know how to use it for maximum efficacity.

Then we have this unknown band from Iceland HJATALIN , they started with a very quiet song , you could hear a pin drop.
Their pop-rock is really cool with some classical touch . It is a drums-bass guitar formation plus an unusual instrument for a pop band the Faggot plus some trompet for a few songs.
The singer is fluent in French ( it Helps to communicate ) and the female singer has a high and charming voice .
Nice discovery for me.
ps : could you please shot down the light engineer.