Monday, April 6, 2009

Alela Diane @ Bataclan ( + William Elliott Whitmore ) April 6th 2009

Alela Diane + William Elliott Whitmore
Bataclan April 6th 2009

Alela Diane is very popular in France , she's signed to a French label Fargo Records , tonight's show is sold-out but it's an all seated event so there is around 900 people.
First on is William Elliott Whitmore playing banjo and acoustic guitar , he has a low voice , nice if you're into that kind of Folk-country -blues music.

Alela has released a couple of records and is coming very often in Paris , this was a first for me, I just came without knowing or hearing anything about her .
So I didn't know what to expect.
The gig started really softly singing on her own then for the next number came her guitar player and so on for the rest of the band.
She has a lovely voice and is totally folk with a bit of country ( some slide guitar parts ) and Irish folk.
Cool set but a bit short ( around 75 min ) i've been told that we were lucky as she has played a longer set than usual.
When she signed the setlist she told me that she changed a couple of songs so don't get fooled .
Straight after the gig she went ( with the backing vocalist ) to sign ( and sell ) cds and vinyls at the merchendise stall.
Setlist not accurate
Sexy Alela

Alela Diane will play a promotional show @ the " Salle de Billard " ( 300 capacity ) of the Olympia Theatre on April 13th.