Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ben Harper & Relentless7 Private listening party @ EMI Headquarter Paris

I took off the review as the record compagny couldn't get us tickets for the Private gig at the Studio SFR on saturday the 25th.
There's no reason why I should do publicity for their artist when they can't get us just one fucking ticket for the show.

By the way , After the Beatles who sued EMI for unpaid royalties a few years ago now it's the PINK FLOYD who are sueing EMI for the same reason : unpaid royalties.
Paul MCartney left his label after 45 years because EMI became " boring " and he " dreaded going to see executives " there.
Radiohead also ditched EMI and released his latest album " In rainbows" on their own.
The Rolling Stones also left Virgin ( EMI ) so sign with Universal.
The Beatles and Pink Floyd are the best selling artists on the label.